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Founded as Vickery Meadow Learning Center


The mission of Literacy Achieves is to equip non-English speaking adults and their young children with English literacy and life skills to promote self-sufficiency and the overall well-being of our students, their families and the greater community.



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Join Literacy Achieves Students who are Changing their Lives Through Literacy

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Literacy Achieves could not exist without the volunteers who provide vital services for our students.

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We can't do it alone! We rely on the generous support of individuals like you.

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Introducing the When I Got Here Podcast


Sharing Untold Immigrant Stories

Immigrants share inspiring personal stories of why they left their homelands, how they got to the U.S., and the lives they are making here.

Listen to their stories as they meet the challenges of a new land with determination, perseverance, resilience, and creativity.

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