Wings of Spring: A Celebration of Literacy

Wings of Spring: A Celebration of Literacy has raised nearly $3 million to provide free education and life-skills programs to thousands of immigrant and refugee families across Dallas.
We are thrilled to report that this year's event raised approximately $450,000 to fund our core mission of Changing Lives Through Literacy.
We are grateful for the generosity of our donors and volunteers. Because of their support, we are able to continue providing award-winning Adult English Literacy and Early Childhood Education and Student Services Programs. These vital programs empower immigrant and refugee families to improve their lives and become self-sufficient members of our community. With the help of more than 200 dedicated volunteer teachers, Literacy Achieves provides free educational programs for approximately 700 adults and 200 children annually in three Dallas neighborhoods of critical need: Vickery Meadow, West Dallas and East Dallas. 
Together, we are making a difference in the lives of our students, their families, and the greater community. 


Thank you to our 2022 Sponsors! 

Anthony Family Foundation     Cathey and Don Humphreys
Joyce and Les Coleman     Hirsch Family Foundation
Sara and Gary Ahr     Jabeen Zaidi and Stephen Hurley     Jo and Rob Langdon     Melissa and Barry McNeil     Colleen and Rob Taylor
Charles Schwab     The Garden Gate     Haynes & Boone     KPMG     Luther King Capital Management     Oncor     The Rosewood Corporation
Felix Thaddeus Arroyo Family Foundation     Kathryne Bishop     Kathy and James Clark     Gretchen and Doug Davies     Alina and Ruben Esquivel     Arlene Ford and Chris Reynolds
Your Temple Emanu-El Family     Linda and Byron Harris     In Memory of Pieter and Afaf Dubbelday     Caroline and David Hundley     Gayle G. Johansen     Marian and Rob Richmond
Scovell Family Foundation     Michele and John Stephens     The Priscilla R. Stern Memorial Fund     Marnie Wildenthal Literacy Legacy Fund     Donna Wilhelm
Barbra and Bud Applebaum     Joyce and Selly Belofsky     Phyllis Bernstein and William Weiss     Georgia and Tom Davis     Sharon and Paul Devereux     East Dallas Christian Church
Elliott Family     Faith Commons     Beverly and Don Freeman     Kaki and Shelton Hopkins     Harry Jones     Nancy Kasten and David Stern     Barbara and Frank Lloyd
Sally and Ron Lutz     Beth and Vance Maultsby     Amy and Ran Merrill     Louisa and Jim Meyer     Sharon Michie and Bruno de la Croix-Vaubois     Dr. David O. and Rev. Amy W. Moore
Katherine and Eric Reeves     Helen and Frank Risch     Nancy Rivin and Jim Bishkin     Francis Ryburn     Anne and Brien Smith     Barb and Mike Tonti
Marguerite Archer     Melissa and Wilson Aurbach     Janie Autz     Carolyn and Ken Barth     Harold Carter     Amita and Sarinder Chhabra     Joni and Bob Cohan     Carole S. Cohen     
Sally and Mark Dietz     Embrey and Family Foundation     Myra and Bert Fischel     Margaret and Chuck Gall     Judy and Jim Gibbs     Stephanie and Robert Haley     Ginger Hartman
Marcia Howard     Cathy King     Lisa and Peter Kraus     Carole and Andrew Levine     Sarah Losinger     Rose and William Lumry     Mike and Judge Barbara Lynn     Carmen Mitchell     
Cathy and Chris Packard     Sarah and Lee Papert     Margot Reid     Linda and Scott Robins     Deedie Rose     Annette and Charles Rutherford     Nancy and John Solana
Fran and Jeffrey Toubin     Pat and Bob Warren     Hilarie and Peter Weinstock
Friends of literacy
Suzanne Aberly     Cara and Ryan Armstrong     Catherine Awtrey and Mike Cieri     Alexandra Bacalao     Nicole Bates and Trey Angel     Elaine Bernstein     Rick Best and Steve Jobman
Bill Bond     Beverly and Malcolm Bonnheim     Stacy Brainin and Bill Cobb    Camille and Jim Brown     Dalene and John Buhl     Becky and Rick Burgett     Pam and Chris Casner
Carol and Neal Chadwick     Helen and Kent Comer     Suzy and Gary Cowles     Sally and Bill Dix     Adrienne and Dennis Drapkin     Ricki and Randy Ebner     Sandra Estess     
Ola and Randall Fojtasek     Royal Furgeson and Marcellene Malouf     Lisa and David Genecov     Beth and Jim Gold     Karen and Craig Goodman
Marsha Gordon and Doug Reader     Terry and Barry Greenburg     Suzi and Jack Greenman     Marcia Grossfeld     Linda and Guy Humphries     Judy and Dan Jacks
Rusty and John Jaggers     Amy and Dave Jones     LearnAbout Media, Inc.    Julie and Michael Lowenberg     Amy and Michael Malone     Ellen and Arnie Marks     Lynn and Allan McBee     
Gary McDaniel     Gwen and Curtis Moore     Twila and Ted Moore     Meg and Kevin Nicholson     Camille and Patrick Owens     Annette and Steve Perkins     Susie and Jim Riley
John H. Rodgers     Cecilia Rosen     Joyce and Lee Roth     Susan Sala and Ruth Ann Becker     Tobie and Steve Sasser     Ellie and Thad Sims     Phyllis and Ron Steinhart
Audrey and Walter Stewart     Sheila and Stephen Stieglitz     Susan Swanson and Kevin Coffey     Nancy and John Thursby     Jan and Tom Timmons     Maddy and Mark Unterberg     
Anne van Kleeck and Jim Smeeding     Kim and John Vernon     Kate and Todd Watson     Kay and Peter Weeks     Elizabeth Williams     Joyce and Linus Wright     Shirley and Z Zsohar